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Post by Officer-Michael J. Fox on Fri Apr 26, 2019 1:02 am

I trusted myself from the beginning -
if nothing, it won't cost much
this is for man. Nothing more than that
Like the animal that dies forever.
If I was afraid, I stopped my place -
I was born, mixed up and brought out.
I also paid to whom he measured,
who gave it for free, I liked it.
woman if you played with me
i really thought - let me do it!
I screamed the ship, pulled the amp.
I played bamboo among smart gentlemen.
I sold rotary, bread and books
newspaper, poem - when we were easier.
Not in glorious fighting, not gentle rope,
but i do in bed sometimes i hope this.
Anyway, the inventory is now ready.
I lived - and other people died.
Officer-Michael J. Fox
Officer-Michael J. Fox

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