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(Old code tutorial) Adding the crosshair from Wolf Planet forum Empty (Old code tutorial) Adding the crosshair from Wolf Planet forum

Post by Officer-M. John (Admin) on Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:16 am

Here's my tutorial I wrote a little bit ago:

Adding the crosshair

This tutorial creates a crosshair that triggers when you press the 'X' button. You will need a sprite editor for Wolfenstein to make the crosshair graphics. Each weapon will have a different crosshair, and the code is easy customized to allow for more crosshairs, and for weapons to share a crosshair.

Open WL_DEF.H and add the following sprite constants:


// Crosshairs

Now search for "gamestate". You should encounter the gamestate structure. Add under the "int ammo" definition: "int crosshair". It should now look like:


// gamestate structure

typedef   struct
   int         difficulty;
   int         mapon;
   long      oldscore,score,nextextra;
   int         lives;
   int         health;
   int         ammo;
   int         crosshair;   //This is the line you added
   int         keys;
   weapontype      bestweapon,weapon,chosenweapon;

   int         faceframe;
   int         attackframe,attackcount,weaponframe;

   int         episode,secretcount,treasurecount,killcount,
   long      TimeCount;
   long      killx,killy;
   boolean      victoryflag;      // set during victory animations
} gametype;

Save and close WL_DEF.H . Now open WL_DRAW.C and find the "DrawPlayerWeapon" function. Locate this statement inside:


void DrawPlayerWeapon (void)
    int   shapenum;

#ifndef SPEAR
    if (gamestate.victoryflag)
        if (player->state == &s_deathcam && (TimeCount&32) )

And add this statement underneath:


 if (gamestate.crosshair)
        switch (gamestate.weapon)
       case wp_pistol:
       SimpleScaleShape(viewwidth/2,SPR_CROSSHAIR1,viewheight+1); break;
       case wp_machinegun:
       SimpleScaleShape(viewwidth/2,SPR_CROSSHAIR1,viewheight+1); break;
       case wp_chaingun:
       SimpleScaleShape(viewwidth/2,SPR_CROSSHAIR1,viewheight+1); break;

Now, open WL_AGENT.C and locate the CheckWeaponChange function. Add the following code just before the last '}':


    if (Keyboard[sc_X] && !gamestate.crosshair)
    else if (Keyboard[sc_X] && gamestate.crosshair)

To make the crosshair, open up an editor like FloEdit and add the three crosshair sprites.

Now when playing, press X and a crosshair will come up, and each weapon has it's own crosshair.

There you go

Hope that helps

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